How this works


You fill out this form, where you describe your idea or question.

I reply with either:

  • Yay! Here's a link where you can book our call and prepay.

  • Hmmm. Could you clarify?

  • Argh! There may be ethical issues here. Discuss?

  • Hmph. I think I may not be able to help you on this question.


You pick a time for our PJB meeting.

You prepay (see pricing). I have a generous refund policy.

I do some light background research into your domain, adding a few things to my Brain.


We meet, in Zoom until the pandemic ebbs.

We record that conversation. If this is a private session, the recording is for your use only. If it's public, I post it to YouTube so others may benefit.


After our conversation, I record a short (5+ minute) video as a summary of my thoughts, and send you that as well as relevant links that we mentioned (including links into my Brain).

That's it.