This is my Brain.

Click on the image and you can browse my full, up-to-date mind map right now, for free.

I've been curating this one mind map for 24 years. It contains nearly half a million things.

Where do you put links to terrific articles or videos? Most people shrug when I ask them that, because they have no reliable place to store what's important. I add such things to my Brain, then weave them into its ever-growing context.

That means I have one place where I can find the best of what I've seen, including the insights from those works -- all improving over time. I don't have all the answers, but I have a deeper, better organized bag of clues than anyone.

It helps that I'm curious about everything.

You can learn a lot more about my use of TheBrain at, but what matters here is how both my brains might help you.

My wet, pattern-happy onboard brain and this strange blue one, created in TheBrain's software, are wonderfully matched. When both are focused on questions that matter to you, you will likely hear some connections and ideas that hadn't occurred to you.

That's the simple premise of Pick Jerry's Brain.

You could use a fresh pair of eyes on your idea, perspective from someone outside your project. Better yet: another pair of brains!

I have two, which work together really well:

  • The onboard, wet brain is a pattern-sensing, context-weaving, omnivorous strategy engine. More on it on the Who? page.

  • The digital, external one I've curated for almost a quarter century, and contains almost half a million nodes. More about it on the Brain? page.

You can hire both my brains for that outside perspective.