Powerful new insights come from connecting existing ideas. Jerry Michalski’s brain might well be the most eclectic and diversely connected on the planet, enabling him to galvanize the most expansive potential of any idea.

Ross Dawson, Futurist, Entrepreneur and Author, Thriving on Overload

The experience of discussing my project with you and being able to tap into Jerry's Brain (both of them!) was fabulous. Being able to think aloud and have it captured in real-time as you build out the Brain was fascinating to watch and richly contributed to my own thinking and next steps. Even better, the gift of your follow up email, with all the relevant links, is a treasure trove. Your summary video is invaluable, not just as a review of what we discussed, but also with your added poignant insights.

Additionally, I'm only just beginning to appreciate the riches provided by having a standing memory bank - one that is already curated from our conversation and connected to other relevant thoughts I have yet to explore! It's clear to me that anyone who is researching a topic, exploring a new initiative, eager to get a project moving faster or implement a sweeping strategic plan would benefit by consulting Jerry's Brain first!

Thank you so much Jerry for providing my project with this priceless boost!

— Wendy McLean, Everyone's Wisdom

Once you see Jerry’s visionary and far reaching mind maps you say to yourself, wow – not only does this guy have great and compelling ideas but he has a unique tool set to help accelerate sense making and communication. So by the end of his talks, you realize he is a true maestro orchestrating ideas, tools and concepts that stun and excite you to action.

John Seely Brown, co-chair, Deloitte Center for the Edge

Two brains! Of course the most important one is the grey matter that lives at the top of Jerry Michalski's neck, but to watch that one simultaneously synthesize, connect and annotate in the other of Jerry's "brains" is a wonder. Catching both the nuances and the granularity of a complex conversation. That has incredible value.

Michael Dila

Even though we had a fairly short conversation, the information and ideas that I gleaned was as if we sat and talked for four hours. Your vast knowledge of data and how people use data helped me ideate solutions for my particular situation.

I particularly enjoyed how you brought in new ideas or what you might’ve called “tangents“ but had me viewing the situation differently and even highlighted some blind spots for me!

Your wisdom and passion are vast! People could learn so much from you!

I look forward to our next conversation and my next “learning from Jerry’s Brain.“

Christi Staib, founder, Silver Sail Wealth Advisors

Jerry Michalski understands the human side of technology better than anyone I know. He first talked about the sharing economy at our Public Affairs Institute many years ago — long before Uber, Airbnb, LendingClub and other such businesses even existed. Now he teaches companies how to reimagine their management and service functions so that trusting relationships are formed with stakeholders.

At the Institute and other Public Affairs Council events, Jerry continues to be one of our highest-rated speakers.

Doug Pinkham, President of the Public Affairs Council

I must tell you: your talk in Minneapolis at Push the Future (2003 or so) changed my life. You were on the program at the old Walker Art Center with Cecily. I was so engaged with those talks and they changed the trajectory of my work life. Thank you, Jerry, for being such a powerful force for me. And yes, I recall having you at Target very well. Your talks there inspired many to move forward in all sorts of directions.

Bob Giampietro, formerly at Target