Do you sign NDAs?

No. NDAs are very 1990s. I was a tech-industry trends analyst for a dozen years and know how to keep private information private.

That said, it is almost impossible to "unsee" or "unhear" good ideas or novel resources. They become part of your mental terrain. So don't expect me to do that. But I also won't run off to commercialize them, or tip your hand to the competition.

What I will do is hold information you specify as confidential, confidential. I will also not impede (or surcharge) your use of ideas we come up with together. Go to town.

How neutral are you?

I am not neutral.

Complete objectivity is probably a fiction. Trying hard to be objective is useful (see Wikipedia), but often not helpful.

A strong point of view can be extremely helpful. I bring that.

Of course, if that point of view conflicts with your own, it may be very hard to hear, never mind act on.

I treat all points of view with respect, and will offer arguments and evidence supporting mine.